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Ergonomic design features make the Husqvarna Battery Series a great choice for long hours of demanding work. Battery power dramatically reduces vibrations, which in turn reduces the strain on your shoulders, arms and wrists. Our handles are placed close to the center of gravity creating a perfectly balanced machine that’s more comfortable to use for hours on end. When working with our battery powered electric cordless handhelds, you’ll not only appreciate the lack of vibration, you’ll also experience the relief of working with almost silent motors. No noise. No fumes. No problems.

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One Battery Fits All

The Husqvarna Battery Series is powered by a 36-volt lithium-ion, high-performance battery that is not only extremely durable, but is also interchangeable between all handhelds. This allows you to quickly switch the same battery between your weed trimmerblowerchainsaw and hedge trimmer without missing a beat – or stopping to re-fuel. The short charging time is another big advantage. A completely discharged lithium-ion battery takes as little as 35 minutes to charge 80%. Downtime is further reduced by our comfortable backpack batteries that provide up to 10 hours of runtime between charges. Our battery powered solutions are taking productivity and performance to a whole new level.

*Battery chainsaws always require BLi150 or higher Li-Ion battery

Husqvarna Connect

Accessibility When You Need It

The App gives you immediate access to everything you need to work smarter. From live notifications and data on your products to digital guides and manuals – it truly is a digital toolshed for your equipment. You’ll get troubleshooting tips and how-tos, product lists for spare parts and a dealer locator (with directions, contact information and opening hours).

*Note: Product notifications and error messages are only available if your product is Bluetooth capable.

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