Handheld Limited Consumer Extended Warranty


Effective February 1, 2013, consumers who purchase two-stroke gasoline powered Husqvarna branded handheld products, including: chainsaws, blowers, hedge trimmers, pole saws and trimmers, for non-income producing personal use or household purposes, excluding commercial, agricultural, retail, industrial and rental usage types, can extend their product warranty from the standard 2 years to either a 3 year or 4 year limited warranty.

How does the Program work?

To Extend the Warranty by 1 Year to a Total of 3:

The consumer will need to take only 2 steps: First, the consumer must purchase at least 6 bottles of Husqvarna brand 2-stroke oil regardless of size and/or type at the same time as the qualifying handheld product purchase and both purchases must be on the original product invoice/receipt. Second, the consumer must register their product online.*

To Extend the Warranty by 2 Years to a Total of 4 years:

The consumer will need to take only 2 steps: First, the consumer must purchase at least 96 oz of Husqvarna brand pre-mixed fuel at the same time as the qualifying handheld product purchase and both purchases must be on the original product invoice/receipt. Second, the consumer must register their product online.*

For Multiple Units Purchased:

Each qualifying handheld product purchased must have an accompanying amount of 2-stroke oil or pre-mix fuel added to the original receipt in order to qualify. For example, if a consumer purchases a 455 rancher chainsaw and a 125B handheld blower and would like to have them both qualify for a 4 year limited warranty, they will need to purchase at least 192 oz of premixed fuel (96 oz for the chainsaw and 96 oz for the handheld blower).

How to register your product?

Product registration must be completed by the dealer or the consumer for any extended warranty. During the product registration process, a copy of the receipt must be attached to the registration either online or via mail-in.

For mail-in registrations, please include your product model, serial number, and your confirmation number from the registration confirmation email on your copy of the receipt and mail it to:

Husqvarna Professional Products, Inc

Attn: Extended Warranty Processing

9335 Harris Corners Parkway, Suite 500,

Charlotte, NC 28269


Qualifying Handhelds

Trimmers- 122C, 128C, 129C, 128L, 129L, 129LK, 223L, 322L, 323L, 324L, 522L, 525L, 326LS, 525LS, 327RJX, 426LST, 525LST, 430LS, 530LS, 535LS, 122LDX, 128CD, 128LD, 128LDX, 129LDX, 128DJX, 129DJX, 327LDX, 524LK, 525LDX, 525LK, 525RJX
Brushcutters / Edgers / Clearing Saws- 323EX, 326EX, 426EX, 525ES, 327ES, 223R, 323R, 336FR, 345FR, 525ECS, 525RJX, 525RX, 555FX
Hedge Trimmers- 122HD45, 122HD60, 226HD60S, 226HS75S, 226HD75S, 226HS99S, 325HE3, 325HE4X, 327HE3, 327HE4, 525HF3S
Leaf Blowers- 125B, 125BVX, 130BT, 150BT, 350BF, 350BT, 525BX, 560BT, 560BTS, 560BF, 560BFS, 570BT, 570BTS, 570BF, 570BFS, 356BT, 580BT, 580BTS, 580BF, 580BF
Blowers- 135, 240, 240e, 435, 440, 440e, 445, 450e, 450, 545, 455 Rancher, 455 AutoTune, 455e, 460 Rancher, 465 Rancher, 365, 365W, 555, 346XP, 346XP TrioBrake, 346XPG, 543XP, 550XP TrioBrake, 550XP, 550XPG, 562XP AutoTune, 562XPG, 562XPW, 562XPGW, 372XP, 372XPG, 372XPGW, 372XPW, 576XP, 576XPG, 576XPGW, 576XPW, 576XP AutoTune, 576XPW AutoTune, 390XP, 390XPG, 390XPW, 395XP, 395XPG, 395XPW, 3120XP, 338XPT, T435, T540
Pole Saws- 327P4, 327P5x, 327PT5S, 525P4S, 525P5S, 525PT5S

Arborist Fleet Program


If you're a tree care professional, this is the program for you.

Commercial tree care customers now have the opportunity to take advantage of volume discounts on major purchases of new Husqvarna equipment through Husqvarna’s new Arborist Fleet Program. Designed for companies or agencies involved in the commercial tree care or arborist business, when a customer orders qualifying products (including professional chainsaws and polesaws) under the new Arborist Fleet Program they earn points which achieve discounts of up to 20% off their order. Customers can also add select accessories, parts, and PPE and receive those same discounts when these products are bundled in their Arborist Fleet order. Contact us for additional information.

*Terms and conditions apply. Valid at your local participating Husqvarna Servicing Dealer only. Please be sure to call or visit your local dealer for more information.

Husqvarna Automower® Crown Commitment™ Program

Husqvarna: Husqvarna Automower® Crown Commitment™ Program


Husqvarna Automower® Crown Commitment™ Program

Husqvarna Automower® convenience and satisfaction guaranteed.

Be amazed in 60 days – or get your money back

Are you ready to enjoy your weekends again? Say hello to Husqvarna Automower®, the world’s best-selling robotic lawn mower. We’re so confident that you’ll fall in love with Automower®, we’ll give you a couple of months to try it at your home or business.

If you’re not satisfied with the performance of your Automower® within 60 days of buying it from a Husqvarna dealer, return it to that dealer for a full refund or exchange. It’s that simple!

So, why wait another minute? Experience the evolution of lawn care with Husqvarna Automower®.

Program Details

If you aren’t 100% satisfied with your purchase of a Husqvarna Automower®, simply return the unit to the selling dealer within 60 days of purchase for a full refund or exchange.

  • Qualifying products must be returned within sixty (60) days of the original purchase date. Units returned after 60 days are not eligible for refund or exchange under the program.
  • The program applies only to Automower® units. Related items such as accessories, repair parts, etc. are not eligible.
  • Products damaged due to improper use, abuse, neglect or failure to operate and maintain the unit in accordance with the Operators Manual do not qualify for refund or exchange under the program.
  • Products that have been stolen, damaged due to abuse or neglect, or damaged by fire, water, wind or other acts of nature do not qualify for refund or exchange under the program.
  • Products purchased on the Internet do not qualify for the program.
  • If a qualifying product is returned during the 60-day program period, but it has defective damages exceeding 75% of the repair cost, the product is not eligible for the Husqvarna Crown Commitment™ program.
  • Customers are responsible for following all instructions in the Operators Manual, as well as the guidelines in the Husqvarna Warranty Statement. Failure to follow these instructions may void the offer.
  • Re-sold products do not qualify for the program.

*Special Husqvarna Financing options are available for qualified applicants. Financing is only available on new equipment purchases. This is a limited time offer at participating dealers only. Some restrictions apply. Estimated using 48 month EP0% APR (2.09%) with 450x Automower and a small install kit. Financing available with approved credit on purchases of $3,000.00 or more. For details, ask your local Husqvarna dealer. Offer valid only a participating independent Husqvarna dealers.